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pbClimate Change Science and Understanding
A series of engaging climate change presentations provides academic and lay audiences with entertaining and variable depth understanding of this hot topic. This series, developed in collaboration with leading climate science educators, is popular with a myriad of audiences.

pbPolar Bears and Climate Change
As a Polar Bear Ambassador for the Polar Bears International he generates passion and learned understanding of the captivating facts and science behind current knowledge. His book, The Last Little Polar Bear engages audiences of many ages.

pbSustainability and Climate Change
Twenty years after sustainability science was launched we have clarity on many components of our world that will help us frame societies’ collective efforts towards a sustainable future. 

pbThe Global Environment-View from the summit
Based on the perspectives afforded to a senior international environmental scientist, a view from the summit explores framework facts and knowledge to provide an essential baseline for better understanding our changing planet.

pbOcean World
The majority of the planet’s water surface remains unexplored. This former Navy frogman and professor of oceanography provides inspired visual perspectives of the underwater world’s major oceanographic and biodiversity domains.

pb STEM Education Making It Real
Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math permeate our daily lives. Educators are rediscovering the importance of offering new models for harnessing students’ passion to learn science and inspiring average students towards technology oriented careers.

pbGoogle Earth Technology
Early visionaries like Buckminster Fuller, Ian McHarg, and NASA astronauts predicted the role of technology for future civilizations. From Google Earth to smart phones and cloud computing exciting new possibilities exist for the future of citizens and society.

pb Citizen Scientists and Social Media
Scientists are amazed at the power of the ‘Wisdom of Crowds’ to accurately solve complex computational problems. Discover how crowd sourcing volunteered information and social networks are creating a new revolutionary paradigm for society, science, and governance.

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"A masterful story-teller, Tim's lectures present a refreshing view of the facts with just the right amount of thought provoking humor, he provides us with a common world view of the state of our planet Earth
and our place in it."

- Dan Zimble
Special Projects Engineer

Recent Radio and Conference
Speaking Engagements

  • NPR Washington DC. Climate and human environmental impacts
  • WYPR Baltimore, MD Polar bears and climate
    Climate change for Maryland
  • KONK Radio Key West, FL Citizen scientists and technology trends Wiley Faculty Lectures Series.
  • Where Are We in the World?, Key West Collegiate School Internship Program, Key West Botanical Gardens, Key West, Florida.
  • Community-Based Sustainable Energy & Conservation, MultiTemp, Groton, Connecticut.
  • Think Globally, Farm Locally: Local communities and their role in stopping global warming, Maryland Heartland Sustainable Living Fair, Carroll County Farm Museum, Westminster, Maryland.
  • Balancing Energy Audits, Emission Calculators, and Local Sustainability, Cities Go Green, Portland, Oregon
  • Balancing Strategies in an Unbalanced Climate, European 2020, Coventry University
  • Design for a Better Planet, Environmental Scholars, University of Maryland
  • Digital Earths for Sustainability Epistemology, PBI Ambassadors, Churchill, Manitoba, Canada
  • Think Globally, Farm Locally: Local communities and their role in stopping global warming, Maryland Heartland Sustainable Living Fair, Carroll County Farm Museum, Westminster, Maryland
  • Design of an Earth Operating System, University of Connecticut, CT
  • Climate Change and Polar Bears, Community College of Baltimore County, Catonsville, MD
  • Choices and Challenges: Nuclear Power Reconsidered, Panel Member: Blacksburg, VA
  • From Bangalore to the Bay Area: Mapping Knowledge and Power for the Sustainable City and Countryside of the Future, Bioneers Conference, Marin County, CA
  • Digital Earth and Virtual Worlds, Serious Games Institute, Coventry University, Coventry, UK
  • Digital Earth: The New Digital Commons, UK e-Science, University of Nottingham, Nottingham, UK

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