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The Last Little Polar Bear

picThe Last Little Polar Bear
Dr. Tim Foresman, Author
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...This children's book provides an adventure story that engages children in an artic adventure, while being introduced to global environmental issues facing the planet. Cultural and environmental themes are interwoven in this classic tale for children of all ages. Follow the tale of two Inuit children who discover one of the remaining polar bears in a land of declining icescapes. A well balanced story with laughter and tears as native cultures grapple with the increasing challenges of living with the dynamics of climate change.

"I liked the detail. I liked how you were able to visualize the scene. There's a word that describes a story that sometimes is sad but can be happy and cute. This is it!
Rachel L. Age 10

"Reading this story to my son, it transported both of us to the extraordinary Artic environs. This is a tale that promotes awareness of the global challenges we face through the wonderment of a child's eyes."
The Planetwalker, National Geographic Resident Explorer, and UN Environmental Ambassador, Dr. John Francis

"This book is a brilliant conveyance to engage our youth into the compelling learning experience about science issues now being discovered that are forging the fate of both polar bears and the polar environments."
Robert W. Corell, Chairman, Arctic Climate Impact Assessment

"This piece of work provides a good example of how the culture and lifeways of native people are impacted by environmental changes to their landscapes and their communities. But, more importantly, the book highlights the importance and relevance of native knowledge and wisdom that still needs to be shared with the world to address these important problems."
James Rattling Leaf, Sinte Gleska Univerity.

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