A Global Science Visualization Speaker For A
Sustainable Future In A Complex World

Keynote speaker, author, professor and former chief environmental scientist for the United Nations Dr. Tim Foresman

Tim Foresman delivers a series of premier and visually stunning presentations on current science and environmental topics. His pioneering field research and his senior leadership experience at the United Nations, NASA, and world universities provides an unparalleled wealth of perspectives about our changing planet. As a popular author and speaker, his talks engage general audiences and specialists alike with compelling stories that present understandable scientific knowledge with everyday examples mixed with humor and wit.

Hot Topic Visual Presentations include:

  • Polar Bears and Climate Change

  • Sustainability and Climate Change

  • The Global Environment - View from the Summit

  • Ocean World

  • STEM Education Making it Real

  • Google Earth Technology

  • Citizen Scientists and Social Media

Dr. Tim Foresman's new Lecture Series
"A view from the summit" is now available
for conferences and webcasts

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Client Testimonials

- Daniel L. Civco, Professor of Geomatics

Department of Natural Resources and the Environment
Director, Center for Landuse Education and Research
University of Connecticut

"Dr. Foresman is one of the most eloquent speakers one can have the fortune to listen to. His is engaging and an audience feels as if they are being spoken with rather than to. His presentations are captivating, drawing from the many years of his vast experiences. One becomes immersed in his stories … like a small boy or girl might when listening to a sailor telling the tales of his voyages across the seven seas. When Dr. Foresman concludes his presentations, one wishes that he would keep on going … so little time … 
so much to share."

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