Leadership in remote sensing application and education

Mission Statement

Mission Statement The International Center for Remote Sensing Education, Inc.(ICRSED) was established in 1999 to provide leadership in the application and technical transfer of appropriate spatial data and information technology to the professional workforce and education community. This mission was borne of the desire to harness NASA’S and other nation’s Earth Observation data for improved understanding and management of the Earth’s systems. ICRSED’s focus has been to assist schools, government agencies, and corporations in consolidating myriad technical information and expert human resources. ICRSED provides the highest quality educational support resources to a community of users at various levels of need. The Digital Earth Vision is the hallmark for using the most advanced digital-spatial methods of the Internet and computing industry to deliver and update these educational and ma An international community of education, business and government, and community institutions have benefited from the ICRSED web-based educational resources. ICRSED is dedicated to pursing the application of spatial information systems technology to promote and enhance community-based decision support with goals of sustainability and improvement of human well-being. ICRSED is a not-for-profit corporation, registered as a 501 c (3) in the state of Maryland.

Earth Party was created to provide a low-technology interface for ICRSED to engage with youth and communities. The Mission of the Earth Party is to engage average citizens around the globe into a consensus compact for reverence and respect for their communities by using remote sensing and spatial-digital tools for enhanced social media connections, citizen science, and crowd sourcing. A variety of projects have demonstrated the leadership position of ICRSED in applying spatial information technology to educate, empower, and engage citizens with the collection of data about their communities. Though the use of visualization methods and smartphone technology citizens can actively analyze their community or regional information and apply the spatial information for community-based decision making. Earth Party goals are to make connections and resources available to average citizens and decision makers for a sustainable future with focus on reduce, reduce and recycle to save energy.www.earthparty.org

Transition Howard County is part of the international Transition movement, based in Howard County, Maryland, that is focused on making communities more resilient. We look at all aspects of local sustainability. Click on the links in the navigation bar to learn more about what we are doing in various areas and how you can be part of the solution. Transition Howard County, including easy ways to live more sustainably. www.transitionhoco.org

International Society of Digital Earth (ISDE)

The Society is active in a variety of activities to promote education and expansion of the Digital Earth Vision promulgated by NASA in 1998. The ISDE Secretariat is supported by the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing. ICRSED’s president is a Founding and Life Member of society and ICRSED has provided many support services for this non-profit enterprise.

Support activities include:

  • Service on International Editorial Board with management and peer review of selected professional papers for International Journal for Digital Earth (IJDE).

  • Support for International Symposia and Summits of the Society. This support includes activities of the Executive Board in coordination and planning services for speakers and support functions of the Symposium or Summit secretary-general.

  • ISDE 4. ISDE- International Symposium of Digital Earth 4, was held in Tokyo, Japan, 28 March – 1 April 2005. This symposium uses the remote sensing technology to showcase various applications. At ISDE 4, ICRSED was nominated and voted to be the General Secretariat for the ISDE 5 to be held in Northern California, June 2007

  • 1st Digital Earth Summit on Sustainability held in Auckland, New Zealand 27 August 2006. ICRSED made multiple trips to Auckland working with the Mayor of Auckland and Prime Minister Helen Clark to support the beginning of the Digital Earth Summit series

  • ISDE 5 was held in Berkeley, California, 4-9 June 2007. ICRSED president was the Secretary-General for the ISDE 5. ICRSED staff and associates were mobilized from 2005 for two-year preparation of all planning and management for Symposium. Symposium conference was attended by approximately 200 registered attendees and another 100 volunteers.

  • ISDE 6 was held in Beijing, China 2009. ICRSED attended the steering committee, executive committees and IJDE Editorial Board meetings.

  • ISDE 9 was held in Halifax, Nova Scotia September 2015. ICRSED President presented paper and talk, attended steering committee and executive committees meetings.

  • 6th Digital Earth Summit, July 2016. ICRSED President presented keynote and participated in 10th Anniversary celebration of formation of the Society. ICRSED’s President received Life Member Award.